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Reverse Around a Corner

A.  Park on the left just before the corner. Drive slowly past the turning having a look at the corner as you go past to make sure it is suitable to reverse around.

Left corner reverse

B.  Park just after the turning about 2 car lengths away ,park a little further away from the curb than normal as we don’t want to be too close when we start our manoeuvre

left reverse

C.  After checking all around the car, reverse back slowly until the back of the car is in line with the curb,keeping the car straight. This is called the Point Of Turn. It dose not matter if your a little past.  Stop and check all 4 corners of the car, making sure its clear all around. Then put 1 full turn on the steering wheel towards the curb

reverse around a corner

D.  carry on going back slowly keeping frequent checks all around the car. If at any time you feel a little wide just add on the last bit of steer . Once you are about half way around the corner start looking in the wing mirror and when the back of the car is about a foot away from the curb stop

then take off the steer (which is 1 turn away from the curb) and take the car back in a straight line about 2 car lengths

reverse corner reverse