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Test Booking


A driving test cancellation is when a new test slot becomes available that was previously booked by a pupil. These cancellations occur when a pupil cancels or rearranges their driving test, this usually happens if the instructor is unavailable, the pupil is ill or the pupil is not ready to take their driving test.

The Pass People set out to find driving test cancellations as soon as you have filled in the online form. Depending on your availability preferences and test centres it could potentially take up to a couple of weeks to book you an earlier driving test. On most occasions it’s a lot sooner.

The reason we are using this company is because they don’t use Bots to search for tests, which the DVSA have tried to block and succeeded with many company’s, They personally search the site from 6am till midnight by hand. The Pass People are located in Scotland and are a family run business.

The reviews they have received are outstanding, 5 Stars on Trust Pilot, many happy pupils getting a test within days.

As a family run business they are more than happy for you to call them personally 03301 741399 and have a chat about how there system works before you sign up.

If a test is not found for you, you are Guaranteed your money back for the cancellation search fee.

You do not need to have a test booked as most companies ask, they will book your first test then swap for you if the date is too far away.

If you sign up for a short notice test please use our voucher code to receive a £10 discount  ADI10

Please note this company is completely independent from Julia’s School of Motoring and we take no responsibility for any services offered.