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Automatic Driving Lessons

With its small size and fantastic automatic gearbox makes driving and manoeuvring pleasant and easy

Learning to drive can be a very pleasurable experience and theres no better way than practising in different road and traffic conditions. We would cover a range of subjects relevant to passing the test and beyond! some of the subjects include car and road safety. Moving off and stopping, junctions, slow and fast roads and manoeuvres. We pride ourselves in delivering expert tuition while building your confidence on the roads. Our aim is to make your driving experience enjoyable and safe while helping you to pass with big smile!

  • Automatic cars have no clutch or gear changing to worry about (therefore will NOT stall) or roll back
  • Automatic cars are very easy to drive in comparison to manual
  • More focus on other aspects of driving e.g. Observations of the road ,due to not needing to worry about clutch and gear changes
  • Automatic driving lessons require fewer driving lessons to get up to test standard.